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Hello, welcome! Somehow you made it here to my Patreon page, that is marvelous in so many ways. I am Lana. I do  energetic healing, music, artmagicklove, dance, multidimensional adventuring... In addition to some super magical healing stuff, there will also be helpful tips in energy, multidimensional living, manifestation, and probably some art, writing, guided meditations, and whatever else I pull out of my hat. Plus, we get to grow a relationship, you and I. That's possibly the most important part. I guess we'll all see together how it unfolds. My approach to life, the Universe, everything is perhaps not for everyone, I try to infuse magic into even the most mundane parts of life and that doesn't really work for everyone. For those of you who are into it, welcome, cheers!
One of the neatest things I do is to make energetic adjustments in other dimensions to improve life in the here and now. Higher dimensional parts of me communicate with higher dimensional parts of other persons, places, and things to make energetic changes in their energy fields that result in altering the 3-D reality in a way that is more aligned with each individual's highest good. I am able to facilitate this work via a recorded video or audio because higher dimensional parts of ourselves are able to work outside of time and space. 
Does that make sense? Okay, let's try looking at it this way: I magically infuse meaning into videos, audio, images, etc., that when accessed by an individual, their soul (or whatever you want to call it) enacts changes in that persons life. All the work I facilitate only occurs with each person's higher self's permission and is therefore in line with each person's highest good. I cannot screw you up. I can bore you. I can offend you. But I cannot damage you. That is a double bonus: bonus for me, bonus for you.  
Since 2013, I have been offering my energy work professionally in the form of one-on-one sessions, webinars, and group programs. It is my hope that Patreon can be a platform that enables me to create something different, a community where we can experience the magic together. 
I love Patreon because individuals get to choose how much they want to pay for each creation. (Oh, just a heads up--you can set a cap on your total monthly amount. That way if I post 10 creations in one month it doesn't end up being way more than you bargained for.) I love Patreon because of the way it enables community building, it's not merely a platform for selling things. I love Patreon because it feels like freedom to me, freedom from working inside the box, freedom from doing things the same way that so many other coaches, healers, and others are doing things on the internet these days. I want to give you magic and healing medicine and bits and pieces of my knowledge, my creative fire, and my life that you can take in and use in whatever way you want. I love that through Patreon you can engage with my work, we can create a community, and you have the freedom to decide if $2 feels right for you or some other amount. I feel that there is magic in that flexibility and freedom of choice. 
I can't wait to share this journey with you. If you're new to any of this multidimensional stuff, it's going to be super awesome and I can't wait to watch how it all unfolds for you. If you're old hat to this stuff, perhaps I have a trick or two up my sleeve that you haven't seen yet and perhaps it will be awesome for you too. Any way you slice it, welcome! And thank you, beautiful beings for taking time in your precious lives to visit my page. I look forward to learning as much from you as you do from me. Thank you, in advance for the support and encouragement, for the criticisms and complaints, and for all the stuff between and beyond. I am super grateful for every person who decides to spend their precious time, money, love, and energy investing in my time, love, and energy. Mwah! Big hugs and kisses and thanks to all you fabulous souls!

In peace, love, and rock 'n' roll,

P.S. - Oh, one last thing, speaking of rock 'n' roll... I found out about Patreon through the fabulous Amanda Palmer (Dresdon Dolls, The Art of Asking). I love her. She is amazing. She makes music, art, the world a better place, and is a wonderful storyteller of her life. She also has beautiful relationships with her supporters. I am one of her patrons and I invite you all to check her out here:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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