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Hi there! My name is Lasha and I want to welcome you to my Patreon page!

For the time being I want to use this Patreon page as a means to post early behind the stage progress/process pictures of my illustrations and sketches of commissions, new merch items in the works as well as just some exploratory personal projects I want to further develop!

[For now this page is a tip jar tier which will get you access to everything! -- this page is still lowkey in the works but I hope you are patient with me as I chip away at making this intro page a bit more fleshed out!]

[ Thank you for the support! <3 ]
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Thank you for helping me reach this goal!

With 100$/m I am able to shave off some monthly bills + uber/travel expenses without stress! Less stress over bills means more time for me to create hella content with ease for your viewing eyes! 
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