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About Artoholics Anonymous

We started Late Night at the Plaza with a room full of hecklers and crudely scrawled cardboard standees. Not satisfied with the dull, lifeless eyes of the cardboard-ians, we started inviting friends. Those guys invited more and more friends, and then just random people showed up. 
For those of you who don't know us we're Late Night at the Plaza. Once every couple of weeks we put on an episode of the strangest live Late Night Show you'll ever see. Our host, Logan Cameron is joined by Kyle Lovestrom - the LOVEable man child, Mike Johnson - SPORTS! and a rotating cast of musical acts, comedians, dancers, and people with crazy-assed talent. The show features audience participation, Canadiana that the CBC will never talk about, and the greatest talent pool this side of everywhere else in the universe. 
We have some crazy ambitions for this little project, and we're no where near done. Support us on Patreon and get some cool stuff, exclusive access and see how awesome we can make this go! (Hint: It goes to 11)
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There might not be anyone who works harder in Calgary show biz than our wonderful show runner Karlee. We want this to be her job and the only way we can do it is with your help!
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