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This tier keeps you in the know how of what we are doing both for the channel and for our personal lives. We want you guys to know what we are doing and how much we really put into the channel. 
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-Recommend games to us to play for that month. We will play the top 3 games you want us to play. NOTE: We do not have every game in existence BUT we will spend the money we get from this patreon to meet your request.
Gaming Buddies
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-You will be invited to play with us, the members of Laugh Out Gaming, to some Jack Box Games that will be recorded and put up on our Youtube page. We chose Jack Box Games because you can join us through your phone at any time. We will play 3 games and will change codes for each game so that multiple people or different people can join. We may change the number of games we play each month if this is popular enough.

-All rewards from the above tiers.




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About Laugh Out Gaming

Welcome to Laugh Out Gaming's Patreon!

We are a small group of nerds, all with backgrounds in comedy, acting, or streaming, all trying to make fun content for people to enjoy. We record ourselves playing video games together and post them online for people to watch and enjoy. We are always waiting for the next big game but we also like dusting some great classics off the shelf.

What makes us different from other Let's Play channels? Well us. Just like any Let's Play channel, the biggest part of the content are the people being recorded. If you like multiple voices and raunchy comedy, you're going to like Chris. If you like videos about people getting angry, you will enjoy the rage from Jordyn. We are constantly bringing new people on board so stick around and tell us who you like. We are all about exploring different kinds of gaming, charity work, and just not giving a shit about what we share about ourselves. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. 

Thank you, whether you are just a visitor or a current patron, for supporting us and our endeavor! You are awesome and we love you.

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