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BLOOPERS!!! And access to the patron-only feed!  With each video post, you'll get a bit of extra insight: about what I've put in the intro, how my week's going, what's next, etc.  And once a month (typically at the very end of the month) I will upload a compilation of my favourite vlog mishaps. These may or may not include swearing, unintentional physical comedy, and me talking to myself.  
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MY THANKS! Nothing extra for this level, just, you know, 2 is twice as much as 1 and if you're inspired to give $2 for bloopers, I will take it :)
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Something creative/artistic I've been working on (plus all lower level rewards). It might be some writing, or a cover song on the guitar, or a monologue, or anything really but once a month I will post...something!  




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About Laura Gillespie

I started vlogging in April of 2015.  I'd spent the past couple years falling in love with several YouTube vloggers and I wanted to step deeper into the community - so I became a creator.  

I love it! 

I love writing.  I love having a schedule on Tuesday and Friday.  I love making people laugh.  

But mostly, I love that I've found a way to be creative on my own.  Theatre and film require so many people and so much time and money, that you can't do it by yourself - which leads to long creative dry spells.

But this?

I've been making two videos a week by myself for months.  They're short and unpolished, but also satisfying and worth sharing.  

That said, I would like them to be better.  

So we've come full circle, because I can't do that on my own.

It takes me about 5 hours to write, film, edit, and upload one of my videos.  I'm happy to schedule 10 hours a week for my hobby, but if I'm going to grow as a creator I need more time.  And that's what your support can buy me.

With time I can take a film editing course. 

I can plan specific vlog segments.  

I can turn the intro song into a full length song with lyrics.

I can write and film sketches.

I can film Someplace - a play I wrote, produced, and acted in while studying at Rosebud School of the Arts.

(Those last two are gonna require money and people, in addition to time - so, you know, long term goals.)

Whatever you decide, thank-you for reading this and thank-you for watching my vlog!
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Whether it's a food, hobby or sport; I will create a recurring vlog segment in which I find something new to try, and I will capture the experience on camera.  I'm open to suggestions (but also afraid - please be kind).
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