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About LauraMegurine

Hi everybody!

Thank you for reading this! My name is LauraMegurine (also known as Laura-P on NND or Krathia on Twitter) and I'm most known for my Vocaloid covers and some Vocaloid songs. I’m also a coverist, I really love singing (anime & Vocaloid songs in particular). I started to love Vocaloid long ago in 2008, but until 2010 I was merely a fan, not an user. I want to improve, I know I can be better than nowadays (I think everyone can improve in every single aspect, it’s just a matter of patience). And I will be so glad if you will be with me in my path.
If you want an example, here is one:

You can visit my Youtube channel for more examples of my tunning, singing and originals.

What's this Laura?
Patreon is basically a “tip jar” for creators who want support, like me, was meant for this kind of small projects. In return you will receive rewards for being so generous, no matter the amount you decide to give, you always have a reward. You could follow my progress in my projects, and also you will have access sooner than anyone to my covers, originals or even tutorials (mostly for vocaloid software or similar).

Why Patreon?
Vocaloid and sound software is… pretty expensive. I do my best for being in tune with the world, but it’s hard. I thought that with a tiny help I could. This is why.
All the possible donations, every single dollar, will be only for the following:

  • Vocaloid music (original or covers) 
  • New audio software or maybe hardware (a better microphone for example). 
  • Hiring artist for make PVs or illustrations for my videos. (it’s public that I can’t draw very well)
  • Good tutorials (I will do my best)

I wouldn't be where I am today without you, without the people who support me through the years, so regardless of whether or not you decide to support me I need to say this: Thank you, thank you for help me to improve day by day, for making me a better person.

Do you want to know which software I normally use?

  • FL Studio 20
  • Adobe Audition
  • Studio One 2 Artist OEM 
  • VOCALOID 3,4 and 5
  • CeVIo
  • Synth V (in the future)
  • PiaproStudio

[IMPORTANT] The rewards will be sent via email (or in specific posts here), the one you provided, please be sure to check it. Some videos will be set as private during at least 1 week, if you request it during the WIP stage.
P.S.: Please forgive my English, sometimes is very weird.
P.S.2: I want to make this page more cute.

Thank you <3

29% complete
- NND premium or VIMEO account.
- Small giveaways (VOCALOID/Anime related content) for my patrons every 1-2 months.
- Reviews for each Voicebank I have
- Personal TIPs for my patrons
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