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About Laura Gozen

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away,
Small drawings who made their way ...

Since childhood, I love to draw and materialize my thoughts and ideas by the image. I have always believed that I was made to write but, it is clear that drawing comes much more naturally. I could see this, among other things, in my many travel books. The events, situations or scenes experienced are all represented by the drawing. The writing is only a minority and is confined to the date, the place or an anecdotal sentence.
It was then that one day (after many long days of reflection!), I made the decision to get started in the world of illustration! After years working for a boss, I finally realize my dream! It was time!
And here I am today, among you, enthusiastic about every project that we realize together!
Listening to your desires and your feelings, I’m adapting to all situations and all requests.
Each project is unique, the accompanying illustration must be as well. That's why every drawing is for me like a baby that I feed and grow so that it can find its place in this world.

... And they lived happily and had lots of other little drawings!