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I used to go to this happy hour where they served $5 margaritas that were HUGE (like, literally served in a fishbowl-sized cup). For this donation, I want to give you the equivalent of a fishbowl margarita, so you’ll get 2 FREE hi-res downloads of any two pieces I’ve recorded that you choose.
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Hi! I’m Lauren Pierce. I'm a double bassist, soloist, and teacher. I am primarily a solo concert artist, and the music I play is far from the standard repertoire for the bass. I play a lot of music written for other instruments, like CzardasVictor Herbert's 2nd Cello Concerto, and Zigeunerweisen. My aim is to bring the double bass and classical music to people all over the world, and provide information to those who might not have the resources to attain it.

On my YouTube channel, I post music videos of me performing some of my favorite pieces, and give lessons on how to play the bass. I am very passionate about teaching and have over 10 years of private teaching experience, as well as a diverse background that includes orchestral music, pop music, and jazz. I love sharing these lessons because it provides free educational material to people that really need it, regardless of location.

My channel is also where I host a video blog. I discuss topics that relate to being a musician - how to find a private teacher, the best workouts for musicians, product reviews, etc. Many of the topics I cover are things I was never told in music school or common questions I get from my fans. These videos are meant to be a resource for musicians of every level - students, hobbyists, or professionals. 

My videos have become widely popular, having been watched and shared thousands of times and featured on many different platforms, including Classic FM, MusicOff, Patternroot, Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog, and more. Check out this particularly cool feature by Classic FM:

A double bassist playing Sarasate’s immensely virtuosic Zigeunerweisen - it’s majestic and jaw-dropping."

Why Patreon? Making videos takes hours of preparation, practice/rehearsal time, setup, and editing. I love making these videos and am so grateful to have a platform where I can share my music, ideas, and lessons, as well as connect intimately with my fans. My goal is to turn this channel into a source of work for me, and I’m committed to posting two new videos per week. Your support allows me to create more educational and musical content for people around the world. By funding these videos, you help me continue to offer all of these resources for free.
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My initial goal is $100 a month. That will help me tremendously in covering my time and some of the expenses in making these videos. If I reach this goal, it will help me afford a new mike I’ve had my eye on. That will make my vocals clearer and easier to understand, and will make the tone of my bass sound much better, resulting in more awesome videos!
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