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i have learned so much about outreach, vegan activism, and how to better to speak up for the animals from my online vegan pals

we all have our own unique voices and so much to learn from each other, internet frens make more of a positive difference than you might think.

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see you out there, especially since your $5 a month pledge will help with gas, coffee, resources i need to make sure i can attend demos and actions

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the support and community i’ve found within the vegan activist community is invaluable.

outreach opportunities to help folks make the connnection between the lives of animals and what ends up in their fridges, on their plates, in their household products, in the clothes they wear -  and how they can make choices in their everyday lives that don’t contribute to suffering and cruelty can happen anywhere. 

promoting a clear message of why we need to unlearn speciesm and stop choosing non-compassionate alternatives is something i’m working on getting better at all the time, and your pledge will help

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Lauren Schraven
activist | creator | vegan for the animals
“Slaughterhouses do have glass walls, we just have to get people to look” - Chris Delforce, director of Lucent and Dominion

i know that there is a place for everyone in the movement. 

i know there is something we all can do to bring an end to needless cruelty.

every day we have choices to make - choices that effect us, those around us, and vulnerable populations like the trillions of animals exploited every year by cruel industries for profit - speaking up for those whose only crime is being born into a society where speciesism is not yet unlearned and whose punishment is a lifetime of suffering - and living vegan are ways we can all make those choices the most just and compassionate ones. 

by living compassionately, by letting go of selfishness in the name of creating a better world for ourselves and those we are leaving the planet to, we are actively creating a culture of empowerment and positive change. 

by living vegan we make sure our everyday actions are causing the least amount of harm through resource reduction, reducing our carbon footprint, and most importantly by saving innocent lives.

when speak up for the animals, however we can, we are refusing to let their suffering go unnoticed. they need us.

they are victims of blatant injustices, and there is no reason for their suffering to continue.

please, speak up for them - your voice can do so much good - don’t you think it’s time? my only regret is not doing more, sooner. 

become a patron for access to exclusive content & to support my activism journey.

thanks for being here. choose vegan for your health, the health of the planet, and most importantly - for all those yearning to breathe free. 

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Release first vlog-style video about why I started activism
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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