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About Lauren Hanrahan

I'm Lauren, finishing up my BA in studio art at Florida State University. I'm a pop-surrealist, low-brow artist. My artwork largely focuses on the juxtaposition of & between conflicts found within nature, society, and ourselves. I work with both acrylic and watercolor paints. A lot of my concepts derive from dreams I have that take on a life of their own.

I joined Patreon as a means to help save up for a graphics tablet! This will allow for me to begin my next big leap in my art career, making digital paintings and animations as soon as I enter the real world in May! My goal is to get into creating craft beer label artwork among other projects involving the digital world.
So not only will you be helping me reach my dreams & full potential, but you will also be receiving some cool artwork when you hit milestones & rewards! <3 Thank you for checking this out! It means the world to me!

Instagram: @Lauurenkh

Ps. If you donate any of the selected amounts for Custom Watercolor Paintings, pretty please send a message letting me know the subject matter! 

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$0 of $1,600 per month
If/When I reach $1,600 total I will have enough to buy the 13" Wacom Mobile Studio Pro display tablet. This piece of equipment will allow for my growth as an artist to continue to expand & progress, as I will strengthen & learn new skills such as animation and digital illustration!

Milestone Raffle: When I reach these goals, I will place all the donors names in a random generator to pick the winners! Then I will ship the paintings and prints within 2 weeks :)
  • Milestone $200: 5x7" Print of watercolor insect (Beetle, Scorpion, or Black Widow)  10-15 winners!
  • Milestone $600: 5x7" Custom watercolor piece: 5 winners! 
  • Milestone $1,400: 11x8" Custom watercolor piece: 3 winners!
  • GOAL!!!!!! $1,600: 5x7 Watercolor Tarot Cards: All donors!

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