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About LGR

Who are you?

Greetings! My name is Clint Basinger and I'm the person behind the YouTube show Lazy Game Reviews. But why am I doing the whole Patreon thing? Well, cuz I rather enjoy making LGR episodes and this campaign does a lot to help me continue to do so -- and hopefully improve it along the way!

I love making YouTube video, which is why I've released one or more per week since June of 2009. Classic computer gaming and retro technology is my big fat passion. I often lose myself in the process of researching origin stories, enjoying a nostalgic headspace while using vintage hardware, and interacting with the community of folks that's formed around this stuff. And since starting LGR my appreciation and enjoyment of all this has exponentially increased. I'm lucky to have found a fantastic audience on YouTube that digs this stuff, too!

How does Patreon work, what can one get from it?

Firstly: I am not charging to see my videos. This campaign is simply one option to help out if you feel like it! You can pledge $1 (or any amount) each month for however long you desire, acting as a kind of "tip" to me for producing LGR things. This also helps me improve the show in both quality and quantity, provides you the option to get autographed disks, and other stuff as I come up with it! Your subscription can be edited or cancelled at any time.

Get a personalized and signed 5.25" floppy disk:

Why are you doing this?

Things are always iffy in YouTubeland. Ad revenue is always coming and going. I do this as my full-time job and my main source of cash comes from ad revenue generated by monetized YouTube views. My only other viable option is to resort to corporate sponsorships for each and every video and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth so it's my goal to avoid that as much as possible. So Patreon is great to have as a fail-safe of sorts. However, another big reason I have this Patreon campaign is that I just really get a kick out of doing this show and want to continue to improve it! And having your direct support and feedback here has been a hugely positive force in making LGR.

Just one example of the content I love making:

What happens now?

Since starting Patreon I've increased the show from one to two videos per week, purchased new camera equipment and lighting, rented out a studio/storage place to film, bought updated software suites to edit videos, got some awesomely-specced computer hardware to help me make content more efficiently, attended and covered some gaming/tech conferences, and started two new shows: LGR Thrifts and LGR Tech Tales. If things keep going this well, I plan to cover even more obscure hardware and software, make meatier videos than ever, buy better equipment if I ever need it, and basically just maintain and improve all that I can.

Thank you for your continued support, whether or not you decide to pledge anything through here. I appreciate you watching and checking out the campaign!
$4,096 – reached! per month
Expect beefier LGR projects than ever! I plan to build a more fitting filming area, increase video quality through hardware and software, and tackle subjects that otherwise would be too intense without your financing.
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