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About Learn Engineering

We are a small team of engineers and animators located at India (the current team size is 4), with a mission of creating high quality, free engineering videos to the world. We aim to create videos on all the main topics of engineering.

Just one year back we were thinking about shutting down our video production service due to the sudden drop of YouTube ad revenue. We announced our Patreon support page at this time. The response from our viewers was immersive, they saved LearnEngineering from death ! We thank all our patrons from the bottom of our heart for saving LE. 

Even now our service is made sustainable by support of our patrons. If we get more support we will be free from dependability of ever fluctuating ad revenue and will be able to produce more quality videos (2 videos/month). We have recently recruited a video editing professional with the Patreon support. We will also utilize the money we earned via Patreon to dub our vidoes to different world languages.

$701 of $800 per month

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With this much amount of support every month we need not to much worry about the Ad Revenue.

Our initial plan was to recruit a video editing professional when we reach $800. However we have already recruited a video editing professional.With your support we will be able to pay him better and release 2 videos/month.
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