is creating some reasonably nice paintings for a begginner

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I can call you mah boss
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Thank you very much for helping and believing in me! I hope you like whatever you see here!
Want a little drawing by someone you don't know or care about?
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Wanna be a patron of the arts with less than two cups of coffee?!

If you can give $3 of your hard earned money I will paint (as I'm not very good drawing) a small thing for you, as you wish! You may even say OMG THIS IS THE OKAYEST PAINTING EVER, I'll try my best!

The painting will be posted here with a dedication to you or anyone you like!

Wanna tell me what to do?
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What about choosing my new A4 painting theme? Maybe a character too, but I don't want to offend anyone if the character have many details :x 

If you want you can buy any painting for a very reasonable price too! Yes, with a discount in this tier and yes, the original!

Oh, you can get a little painting, like the last reward too!




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Hello! I'm Ledgem (not the real name for sum ~mystery~) and I love paintings! The problem is I don't know how to paint and I'm unemployed, you know, paints and brushes and stuff are expensive! I love to paint flowers, altrough they doesn't always get out very pretty... I would love to have a patron to give me some ideas of what to paint, like some nice ass memes, I do think some of them deserves to be oil paint and framed! I also love Pokémon and have played all the main games until now, so this would be a lovely idea to paint too! If you know anything about paintings or drawings and want to help a newbie, please, I do accept any help I can get!  I'm also thinking about something like some live streams and wherever you guys recommend me to do, as I do have a looot of free time now, so check my rewards, I do think this would be very fun for both of us!

I'm working right now in a Pokémon series, so if you became my patron I'd be very happy to know which Pokémon you would like me to paint next! All recommendations will be put in a list for future paintings and will have a dedicatory to who asked for them!!
$0 of $60 per month
With $60 I could buy a camera and stop using my smartphone, so you guys could see a nicer photo of my paintings and  better streams!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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