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Hello, my wonderful Gambit fan family!
You have come to the Patreon page for, a long standing website dedicated to Gambit of the X-Men. Over the decades the website has grown to include,,,, the Facebook Gambit Fan Group, the Obscure Gambit Appearance Tumblr page, and many other outlets dedicated to everyone's favorite comic character, Gambit.

With the new surge of popularity for the character, movie rumors, and new fans coming out, the growth of the website has doubled in turn. So, I humbly ask for your help in keeping the site running and growing for years to come. 

I have been a lone wolf in the webpage, in creation and main support for almost 25 years, and with more server fees and research needed to keep the page up and growing, I am finally asking for help. I know with your support the page can grow with even more information, art, and a new place for even bigger things in the future.

The funding can be used for:
- Server fees/domain fees so that the page can stay up and running. 
- Researching for the Appearance Database and the Tumblr Obscure Gambit Blog.
- Acquiring goods/comics/etc to place on Goods, Cards, Appearance Database and other areas of the site.
- Funds for new areas on the page to be created and/or rehauled for better information.
- Potential for physical items to be made for fans, like prints, stickers, or clothing. 
What I hope to accomplish on the site in the near future:
- Add an even more complete listing of Appearances to the site (I will find them all!)
- Rehaul the Goods & Merchandise area of the site with larger images and more goods information.
- A weekly/daily release of new images to the Obscure Gambit Appearance Tumblr blog.
- Game related Trading Card area redone, with addition of newer cards. 
- The rehauling of the information pages to database format, so new information will be added faster in the future. 
- Much Much More!

Thank you everyone!
I am sorry I do not have much of a reward system in place at this time, but later I will hope to add more rewards to the tiers once I figure something out.
I will post all usage of funds and updates on the page as they are occur.

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