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- Patreons will be able to participate in a live monthly Q&A exclusive to them with Chris from Gooner Eagle Eye YouTube channel. 

- Patreons will also have access to a monthly review going back over Arsenal’s previous months games again with Chris. 

The donations will go on upgrading from an iPhone to a Mac book so therefore editing with be flawless and opening up a whole new world as an iPhone is limited to next to nothing, along with hiring studio space and / or usage of space in different locations. 

Moving forward I will open up different tier levels and have more content to come. I’ll keep everyone posted as and when that happens. 

Laters peeps. 



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Arsenal home and away. YouTube ramblings, previews, reviews & all things Arsenal. Unai Emery’s red and white army. Over land and sea. 30 years supporting my great club. 

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