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every penny counts and I am grateful you choose to support me!

I am still trying to grow and gain more experience in being an 'influencer'. but I'm just trying to share what I love to do.

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-early releases on posts

-behind the scenes content

-interaction with me! (though I do try to reply to everyone on my youtube and intsa)

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-polls to what I should post

plus much more possibilities in the future! 

thanks mom
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About LeeAnnes Side Of Youtube

Hi! welcome to my patreon!
I create travel vlogs on my youtube channel.
I also do bujo and penpal posts on my Instagram.
going into 2020 I will be trying to post bujo and penpal related videos onto my youtube. so come along and see how much I grow and change in my life!
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When I get to 50 patrons I'll start doing patreon exclusie giveaways!
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