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About Leech Gomez

Howdy, I'm Leech!
For the past 6 years I've been making lots of blurry things about things that makes me happy or sad or things that aren't happy OR sad with many of my friends. I'm inviting each and every single one of you to join me in this journey of making cool and innovative new music and art.
As with everything, my content will change, grow, and evolve alongside me and my patrons will get to experience that first hand. My aim is for patreon to be a jumping off point in communicating with a community of people that share the same love for music and art that i do. My aim is to always keep my music free and accessible, however patrons will receive access to the mountains upon mountains of demos, concepts, art, photography, writing and more. Behind-the-scenes information on how I make what I make, polls to help me decide where to steer my content, and easy communication with me are some of the initial rewards I'll offer with my goal being to provide more physical content such as tapes, t-shirts, and CDs!
Much love,
Leech <3