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You have sided with the Left Handed Alliance (LHA)! As an entry level member, you earn access to: 

  • Patron-exclusive content like sketches for prints and posters!
  • Three day early access to my sketch book before Instagram, Social Media, Patreon Public posts, and my dad (yea, that's right! You see the posts before my dad does!)
  • Patron-only polls
  • A "Thank you!" message from me!
  • Your name in the credits (videos, Instagram Posts, and comic releases!)
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Well well well, wotsall dis den? A newly enlisted Lefty? Welcome to the big leagues, don't expect me to go easy on ye, go' it? Now that you're enlisted, wotcha suppose you get, eh? Well:

  • Downloads for one 1080p Desktop Wallpapers (.png, .jpeg)
  • Premier access two days before a comic page is posted onto Tapas.io
  • Exclusive look at sketches, concepts, and storyboards for upcoming comics, animations, etc.
  • Access to see old art I created and for some reason see value in and I guess you should too (logical, right?)
  • Process/behind-the-scenes photos of physical projects (Cosplay, crafts, etc.)
  • Plus all previous rewards
Seasoned Lefty (with salt)
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Right, okay. I see that you really are serious about being a Lefty and I admire that fact. Being left handed is no easy task mind you! Like seriously, we can't use tools right, 75% of all scissors are wrong, and just using notebooks─ oh right... the perks:

  • Exclusive "pre-screening" for Comic Pages, allowing you to see it one week before everyone else
  • Get a printable "Left Handed Alliance" ID card! (Don't go crazy now, this one's just for fun) 
  • Downloads for 4K wallpapers (.png)
  • Downloads for all Alternate versions of HD wallpapers on Desktop (.png)
  • Downloads for Phone wallpapers (iOS & Android)
  • Early access to speed paints and videos
  • Plus all previous rewards




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About Lefty's Comics

Heyya! Lefty here.

And welcome to my Patreon page. Thank you for coming in and checking me out! My goal here is to create comics and artwork for people to love and enjoy as much as I do. I have a comic series that I am working on called The Nugatory Adventures of Cole and Obrom (you can start reading it whenever, just click the name!). Currently, it's just your every day, run of the mill, sci-fi/adventure, wacky, zany, pointless but probably not, nugatory web comic, but soon I hope to post it as a standalone comic that I will publish and distribute physically. I also produce 

If you support me, whether a dollar or fifty dollars, you will gain my undying respect; but why care about that when you can get some perks and stuff like:

  • Monthly commissions
  • Early access to my art and comics
  • Physical items sent to your personal void
  • More! (wow, cliche much?)

Just choose your favorite tier, and roll in the rewards like you would a nat 1 (or 20, you don't have to brag)!

I'd like to thank everyone who helps me. Really, you are awesome. You help me continue doing what I love because you love what I do. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, or soul... or the part of the brain that makes the chemical reactions for pleasure and desire to make more things... you know where I'm getting at right? Thanks.


(external links~)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeftysComics
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leftyscomics/
Cole and Obrom: https://tapas.io/series/nugatory/

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Hey everyone! I found a button that says I can add a goal. So here it is! When I reach 10 patrons, those first 10 patrons (regardless of amount pledged) will get a single commission from me <3. This can be either Sketch, black and white, or colored. 

Commission types: 
  • Character/Alien/Monster in my Art Style
  • Background/Scenery in my Art Style
  • Space Ship Design in my Art Style
If this goal is met, I will make another one! Thanks everyone who helps me reach this goal! you all are amazing.

Disclaimer: must be pledging to me for at least one month. And no lewds.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
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