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This is the group that supports even when they can't. This is the group that inspires all the groups. Thank you for everything you give and your Generous hearts.

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This is the tier where we are certainly the fanciest, and you get to see the best sides of us. We are dressed up, we don't really like it, and yes there is a stain on my polo, I forgot I had to dress up, and this is all I had...

-A small print or set of postcards (Leah's Art)

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This is the tier where you see some unflattering sides. You want to see a little bit of how the sausage is made, and ok, we warned you.

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-Access to Elijah's current works in progress playlist

-Access to a semi-regular AUA( Ask us anything).

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About Leijah.Art


Leah and Elijah here. We are an Art duo specializing in music and visual art. We have collaborative and individual projects, ranging from postcards to music videos. We are excited that you are at our page, and look forward to working with you.

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We believe art heals both the creator and the consumer.

We believe art has the ability to transcend bias, entitlements, and stereotypes. 

500$ a month is momentum.

Patreon makes the most sense to us because we are not doing this to sell the most, and make the most money; you are supporting artists who create with tenderness, and intention. 

The creative process does not happen alone, your support and interaction with our art is included in the creative process. What art is complete without an audience?
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