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I'm so happy that you want to be my patron. Thank you so much.
As a patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates and sometimes landscape shots, art works and from time to time small thoughts about anything that I am thinking about for the moment. It might be how to solve all wars in the world or how to boil an egg....
More happiness!
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You will get the possibility to read my drafts, but I'm not really sure though that it's a reward. Some of my friends would for sure see it as a punishment...
And of course you get the previous rewards.
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You will be my sounding board for new ideas. A warning regarding this reward might be appropriate: My ideas can sometimes be crazy, not like in the normal 'crazy' more like 'straitjacket crazy'. Hopefully you won't mind. 
And of course you get the previous rewards.




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     I am a swedish author, artist and photographer. Yes that's right, I've always have had a hard time to decide what I want to do so I just do it all. If my work is good? Erm, I do sell some of my artworks from time to time and sometimes my landscape shots, and I have had a couple of exhibitions. And people say I'm good but that might be because they are nice...
     When it comes to me writing fairytales I'm a noob. Not that I haven't been writing storys since day one, or at least as soon as I learned how to write, but I  have really never had the guts to let anyone read them. I have decided to change this and that is one of the reasons I'm at Patreon.
    The other reason is such a boring thing as money. I simply need more money so I can buy the material that I need for growing as a creator. As it is now I can't use any of the money I earn on anything above the necessities *sigh*.
     The truth is maybe out there but the truth for me here and now is that I need help in a lot of different ways and I hope I will find some of  it here at Patreon.

     I'm writing a short fairytale for kids in the age of 8-14. The story is about Eldon the wood fairy boy from the In-Between-Land who falls asleep under a cinnamon bun berry bush only to wake up in The Kingdom of Fairytales. Or more precise in Bertie the gardeners garden. The adventure seems to be a simple one, it's all about how to get Eldon back to his village in the In-Between-Land. But nothing is simple while dealing with Squadron 511....

     I will make 8-10 illustrations for the book. One of the illustrations that I already made is the one that I partly have as cover here at Patreon. It shows Ivan, Frankie, Ben and Ken four out of five members of Squadron 511. Tony the seagull is missing in the image since he was at a training camp to learn how to fly like an eagle. Yes I know, but Tony always believe he can do anything and there are no way to tell him he can't.
As a patron you will learn much more about Eldon, Bertie and Squadron 511 and all the other characters that try to bring Eldon back home. Maybe you will have some fun on the way from half finished to finished fairytale. I know that I will.
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When I reach my first goal I will start to buy the material I need for the first stumbling steps to create my dream project: To build up The Kingdom of Fairytales as a miniature. I will make small figures and set up adventures that I photograph as illustrations. As my patron you soon will be familiar with The Kingdom of Fairytales and all it's inhabitants and visitors. ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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