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Lenn Johnston keeps John Lennon’s spirit and vision alive.

Lennon and Beatles fans who saw John in 1960s and ‘70s, and those who were too young to have experienced John, are now enjoying the wit, creativity and spirit of John Lennon through my interpretative personification of John Lennon.

Top Hollywood and European casting professionals have stated that I am the one person who most resembles and sounds like John Lennon.

TV host Conan O’Brien was wowed when I showed up in his audience. Londoners, Liverpudlians, and the New Yorkers who knew John Lennon best have likewise been blown away, feeling as if they’d gotten to meet John himself.

Conan O’Brien remarked, seeing me in his audience, “It’s blowing my mind! It’s uncanny! We noticed him before the show and we were all freaking out backstage!” Stopping the show, Conan exclaimed, “It’s really hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon here!” He continued, “…You gotta understand, …We didn’t put him here; this is God doing this. God put him here.”

My unique, original work is for ALL those who wonder “What if …?” And for those who just wish John had gotten the chance to live out his life, for those who miss him, and those who never had the chance to see him, other than on the internet.

To get a sense of what John might be doing now if he were alive, I’ve been creating original music, videos, poetry, short stories in that Lennonesque style and voice, and performing publicly, making impromptu appearances that have made people all over the world wonder whether John Lennon might yet be with them. And perhaps he is.

You can hear my eclectic Rock ‘n Roll radio show, Lenn Johnston’s Parallel Universe every Thursday on ourgenerationradio.com at 7pm ET, 4pm PT, and midnight GMT.

My one-of-a kind creative work is celebrated because it’s unique. Not just a “look-alike” or Beatles tribute band member, I am recreating John Lennon the songwriter, musician, actor, poet, illustrator, filmmaker, fashion-setter, peace-leader, environmentalist, and more.

Until now, with a few exceptions, I have been funding projects, myself – for example, my CD Village Idiom of all-original Lennonesque songs, poems and illustrations; my weekly radio show, which takes days to prepare; new songs, videos, visual art, and more. However, in order to continue bringing John Lennon’s spirit to life, I need my fans’ support.

All contributions will provide for the all-around artistic work and the peace, justice and environmental changes that John Lennon had intended to manifest before his life was taken from him. John had wanted to host his own radio and tv shows, to speak to the world from many stages, to create new songs, films, and plays. So by contributing to me, you’re supporting these wishes from decades ago to create projects and make progress, to realize goals for love and well-being in the world.

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