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"We're not worthy!!!" 

You have my undying love and gratitude as a patron of the arts, especially mine.  I hope that puts a smile on your face as you go to sleep tonight. It certainly does for me, just knowing that you are there and you care.

Obviously this grants you access to the patron feed, but also to sneak preview images of upcoming projects and merchandise!

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"Where's Fluffy?"

Access to this tier is really something special, because as a patron I think you are something special too.  You will get behind the scenes info that no one else has access to including, but not limited to, where "Matt & Leroy" will be headed next, what projects are in the pipeline, and be given a chance to vote on destinations and more!

(This is more than just sneak peaks of what photo sessions have already passed. It is a chance to shape those that are yet to come!)

Limited (200 of 200 remaining)
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"Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes."

Beyond everything else granted to my amazing fans and friends, at this tier I will showcase YOUR fan art inspired by being a patron of my artwork! I will share your art across my social media pages twice a month as long as YOU keep creating it!

There's nothing better than being surrounded by like-minded creative types and I'm glad to have you in my circle!




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About Leroy Binks

I am a multidisciplinary artist seeking to expand my fan base across mediums and around the world.  I have started a Patreon to share both the art I am creating as well as the adventure along the way. Come join me and my traveling companions as I bring colorful games, photographs, and other artwork to life!
$0 of $50 per month

Seems like a small, artibitrary goal, but once I have you committed to $50 a month I can commit to a video a month, documenting project status updates. Everyone wants to be in the know, well, this is how get to know what I know.
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