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About Let's Be Gaymers Together

Let's Be Gaymers Together started as a steam group for "Gaymers", but quickly grew into a multiple platform, social media group, spanning Facebook through Discord. Our inclusiveness has brought members from India, Russia, and The UAE, who otherwise may not be able to be "out of the closet". We run our own website on http://guildlaunch/lgbt

We also hold random game giveaways to promote our group and to give back to our members. These games are donated by members of our community, which is exceedingly generous. We are well moderated and ensure our members feel safe to be themselves.

We would like to advertise further and upgrade our existing platforms to provide more content and reach an even wider audience. Let's Be Gaymers Together, exists not just for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, or Transgender people, but for Straight Allies, Queer/Questioning, and anyone who does not fit into a traditional category either through sexual orientation or gender identity. Currently, we advertise by holding game giveaways through sites such as; www.steamcompanion.com and www.steamcompanion.com These sites have been effective in growing our membership by a little over 100 members each month, which has put us at almost 3000 members now. We hope to continue or expand this growth to be the premiere group of the gaming community for all LGBTQA gamers.

It is ambitious I know, but I think we can do it.

By helping to support us, we can run more live gaming streams through twitch, host a Q&A with our members on youtube, and more. We will also be able to offer additional giveaways, more frequently, which everyone loves. We hope  you will see the value in what we have put together here and help us by supporting it with your patronage.
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Since most of our games are purchased through humble bundle and bundle stars promotions, 50.00 would be enough to pick up 50+ games that can be used for random giveaways, or the monthly grand prize giveaway. This would make it easier for us to host game giveaways, since we currently do so off the generosity of our members.
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