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The Basic Patron Tier gives access to patron-reward premium site content to include legislative bills currently on the floor of the House of Representatives and Senate.  


The basic Patron tier helps us to create content on our premium site;

Gain access to our legislation library with Cliffsnotes of proposed and passed laws. Keep track of your representative’s trading card so when it comes time to vote, you’ll know who you’ll trade out.


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Tools For Transparency is dedicated to increasing civic engagement for all participants.  This tier allows Patrons to participate in site advertising by allowing Patrons to directly influence what advertising is done on the site.  The intent is to foster relationship building and support other civic minded grass roots groups looking to form relationship through collaboration. 

-Patrons in the Advertising Collaborative will be sent links by our webmaster with directions to include proposed advertising banners and ads in prominent, Patron-only advertising locations on our site. (All ads are subject to approval from webmaster based on content and site 'Compatibility'.  We do not support hate speech or sexual exploitation, in any form, and will absolutely not have advertising of this nature on our site. Period!)

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The Sponsorship Tier is intended for individuals and business entity Patrons that wish to sponsor Tools For Transparency LLC. and help us grow. 

- Sponsorship Tier rewards include listing business name and logo in a prominent position on our site.

-As a Sponsor of Tools For Transparency LLC. Patrons may also expect to receive polling and other questionnaires which will directly influence how we grow.

-Sponsorship Tier rewards also include access to all previous Tier rewards.




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About Tools For Transparency LLC.

Bills contain big ideas for changing the American government and society. And since our society is a pretty complex place, it often takes complex language and complex terminology to express these ideas.
We break bills down into plain language that you can read and understand.
No paragraph-length sentences. No legalese or specialized terms, unless they’re paired with a good definition (link verbiage to the glossary!)
No linguistic summersaults.
Just. Straightforward. Words.

Think of it like CliffsNotes. Because democracy should be accessible to all. Become a patron and help us maintain our extensive legislation library.

We’re creating digestible data of D.C. doings to help raise the political I.Q.!

But that's not all...

Holding your representatives accountable starts with knowing what they represent. Which is why we don’t stop with the legislation library. Each entry in our library notes the authors and sponsors of a bill, and, if it has been passed into law, how the votes split.

Click on your representative’s name, or search for your state’s reps. It’ll bring you to their trading card. Think of this like a baseball card. Quick summaries tally up what bills they have authored, sponsored, and how to get a hold of them.
If you aren’t familiar with the other bills on their card, refer back to our legislation library. These trading cards also have information about what organizations donate to your representatives.

And when the next elections come, you’ll know who you’re ready to trade out. Become a patron and help us stack the deck in your favor.

As a Patron, you have access to this information so you can learn, share and be involved in our US government in an educated and informed way. 

Let's Build a Better World, Together! 
$4.60 of $5,000 per month
Our first goal is to be able to retain two full-time staff.  Myself and co-founder.  We are currently developing content on a part-time basis and would love to see what we can build when we can afford to work full time on the website and content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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