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Hi Road Trippers, Thanks for making your way to the Patreon Page!

I am genetically predisposed to travel. My parents, my sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, traveled as much as they could.

In my early 20s I had a job that allowed me to travel all over the US, but then I needed to "grow up" and be responsible.

I want to help people know that traveling is a great benefit, not only to them, but society as a whole. I truly believe that if everyone would experience other cultures and people, there would be less hate and more tolerance overall.

With this channel, I am encouraging people to put down their screens and #JustExploreIt. Get outside, meet people, see things, do things, but most importantly, have real world experiences.

I post videos every Tuesday, about the people I meet and places I explore. Mostly, I explore places and talk to the workers or owners, learn a little bit about it. Occasionally I will put up a video about a product I use, maybe a tip video or a top 5 video, but most of the videos are exploring.

You will see that it is OK to get out of your comfort zone, see things, meet people, and have experiences that you may not have had before

I put up one destination video every week.  I will also put up great travel tip videos, sometimes with friends, when I come up with a great tip that I think you should know.

For as little as a bottle of water a month, you can help!

This is completely VOLUNTARY on your part.  Do NOT feel that you HAVE to support us.  If you have other obligations, do NOT worry about us.
How this works:
  • Better Exploring Videos
  • YOU can cancel at any time 
What the funds will be used for:
  • Better content for you
  • Maybe some product reviews.
  • More off the beaten path destinations
  • Less touristy stuff
What you get:
  • Details on lesser known, small, weird, out of the way places to visit
  • Honest reviews.  You are paying me, so my honest opinion will always be given
  • Give you ideas on where and how to explore and find places you may not know about.
  • A say in the videos - you support me, I will take your suggestions above everyone else
  • Your comments and questions will have priority over non-patrons
  • Interactions - you get exclusive access to me
  • Exclusive content: I will put up some raw footage from my videos, so you can get some cool bloopers and really see what it is like when I record the videos.  Also more posts that only you will see!
  • Travel advice - I travel a lot.  I also have many friends in the travel and tourism industry
  • Being a part of a great community!
We want to build a strong community that is about putting down your phone and getting out there and exploring the planet.  Help us realize that dream!
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This is huge for us!  This will mean we can travel more and put up more content.  More BTS, more planning videos, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
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