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This tier is for anyone who hates grey charges on their account but really wants to be a “Storm Chaser!”  

3 bucks can go a lot further than you might think, if used wisely.  My hope is that patrons find at least a $3 ROI of entertainment from my content!

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For all my Halo fans out there, you’ll know why this number is relevant to me. I seem to see 117 every time my life is headed down a good path.  With this tier, you are entitled to a monthly souvenir from me every month (the 70 cents will help with my postage fees.)  It’ll usually be small, because I want it to fit in an envelope and get to you ASAP!  *I can only guarantee postage for 48 of the USA, anywhere else we can discuss.*  I hate surprises so most likely you’ll see me pick out the small trinket(s) on camera or in photos.  This will probably be along the lines of Disney stickers, SotMK cards, Pokémon cards, hand written fan sign, etcetera. 

Open to setting loyal spartans as admins in Discord “Storm Chasers”chat.  $11.70 a month for POWER!!!!

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As I said in my “what I’m creating” list, I love throwing awesome parties that feature some wicked SNAX. “Snax” are what I call ALL food, even meals. I live in Central Florida and with the help of Patreon Patrons I’ll be able to attend the Orlando theme parks and review the latest SNAX, merchandise and attractions more frequently. I believe when I test and review in the +-+ method, which means while I want to withhold the integrity of my honest opinions, I will also strive to balance the negatives with the upsides and sugar coat...I mean my alter-ego super heroine identity is “Captain Doughnut,” so clearly I like sugar! I’m originally from Maine so I’m a Maine-iac for sure, but I’ve lived all up and down the East Coast and I throw some of the best events and parties all over! I pride myself in being able to find something in common with almost everyone, and I truly strive to be sincere friends/acquaintances with every person I meet! I love video games and CosPlay and super heroes. I’m a not-so-successful actress but it’s my absolute passion and the stage gives me adrenaline like nothing else! I looooove food, healthy and sweet and savory. I do tons of odd jobs and I just can’t wait to share my life with everyone! I hope I get the privilege to know all of you, as well. I believe we’re all people and I hope that no matter what the future holds, I always remains humble and grateful. Thank you!  -Lexi Storm
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I want to purchase a WDW (Walt Disney World), annual pass so I get access to Disney without blackout dates and to exclusive items that I can talk about with all of you!
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