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You yourself will be a character in my comics "Sleep paralysis" I can create a character by looking at your picture or you can tell me how you want the character to look like yourself♥️ P.S only 2 people can be in this reward so it would be 25$ from each person🙂✌🏼



About Leylazim

Hey, it's me! My name is Leyla Azimova, I am 17y.o, and I really like drawings! You probably found me in patreon because you are reading my comics "Sleep paralysis" and I really hope you like it♥️ As I mentioned I am an arter, and I would love to make you part of my tiny world that is completely different, because art is the way of how we see this life, world, existence. I want to thank you, because YOU are the reason I am doing it! It's just how I am, I love making people happy and I think I reach doing it by my drawings and illustrations. Thank you very much for all the support, if not financial but even emotional support. Every one of you make my day and I appreciate it💕
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Hey guys! I just want to say that yes I love drawing but sometimes I feel like there is no motivation for it, so I want to start a youtube channel, but I need a camera for it, so I need you to help me out with it♥️
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