is creating a whole new world based on art (songs,drawings,videos)
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- A huge thank you for you all, who supports my work.
Without ember, a fire could not start. :) You are all amazing!

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These supporters are jumping out of the crowd with their enthousiasm, like the spark does from the wood!

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Wow, you grew into one cool little flame!  :D
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About Lhana666

Hey, Guys!

I'm Lhana666 and I'm madly in love with singing and drawing. My dream is to become a singer since I was born, but I also love to create - with my pencils.

If you support me, I can show you how hard can I work on stuff, and you will be part of the family! C:
If you support me, you are gonna be part of The Cheeky Demon Army!
Let's show everyone that demons are not always servant of the Devil, but actually a great community!!!

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Since I've been drawing the best on paper, I would like to buy a drawing tablet with a screen, so I can draw digital artworks as well! C:
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