is creating Streaming game play and development of Minecraft Mod Packs & Mod
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Add your name to my list of supporters and include you in credits file for my Mod.
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Your very own Custom Block in my Mod. You can name it and design it or you can chose to let me design it and I'll name it after you. Its up to you, it is your block after all. Your name will also be added to my supporters list and in the credits file for my Mod. 
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I will build you a Custom Mod Pack that will be hosted on Curse and downloadable from the Curse Launcher. The pack will be fully customized how you want it with any mods that are approved by Curse. The pack can have a Custom Main Menu and Artwork designed by me if you want and it will updated and supported as long as the Pledge is active. Plus all lower tier rewards.




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About LiLRichy

I am the creator of several Mod Packs and Mods for Minecraft. I have also created several World of Warcraft addons.

When I am not working on my Packs or Mods I enjoy streaming Live game play of Minecraft and World of Warcraft. 

Your support helps me to continue to stream live game play, create fun mod packs, and develop my mods for everyone to enjoy.
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I will create a custom server with one of my mod packs for my supporters to come and play with me.
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