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About Liam Spockle

Hey guys Liam Spockle here! 

SO! Who am I, why am I here and what is this Patreon for? 

My name is Liam Spencer and I am a Youtuber from the UK, I make daily videos for my channel and I stream a minimum of once a week as long as my working schedule allows it. 

Outisde of Youtube life (Sometimes inside in the form of vlogs) I spend most of my time working or with my band Remenitions which I am the vocalist for, I can also play guitar, bass and drums moderately well which is pretty cool I suppose haha.

As a small content creator a site like patreon is a fantastic way for fans (thats you guys) to help contribute to the channel. 
Your contributions however small or large will go towards constantly improving the channel whether that is by allowing myself to buy more games to play, hardware for recording (Cameras, PC upgrades, Other equipment etc) or maybe even eventually helping me make creating content a full time thing

Please dont feel obliged to become a patron but do know that i'm eternally grateful for your support either way!

If this is your first time finding me then welcome to the comunity <3
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When we reach $25 Dollars a month I will stream a horror game of choice via twitter poll and whenever I get scared/ scream I will do a forefit of the viewers choice (Within reason)
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