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Have we met yet? The internet is such an interesting place, so many people and cultures coming together. I have best friends all around the world and I've even met a few in person! If we've met before, online or off, welcome back! If you're never heard of me before, let me introduce myself...

My name is Liana Brooks and I write books. I write science fiction, sci-fi romance, time travel, murder mysteries, fantasy, and anything else that catches my attention. I'm an Ehlers-Danlos Spoonie, a mom, and an activist and advocate for people with disabilities. I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, long walks on warm beaches, and movies with heists in them. And I'm always, always, here for a happy ending. :) 

Whatever brought you here - THANK YOU. Thank you for coming this far. 

I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos when I was still in grade school. At the time it didn't seem like it was going to have an impact in my life all that much. Several decades later and... it has an impact. My joints dislocate regularly, I have severe arthritis, my pain levels are high and my energy levels are low. Keeping a regular 9-5 job is just not in the cards for me.

Back in 2005, when I started writing regularly, I made the choice to write because my oldest child had been born with severe health problems that required multiple trips to the doctor each week. That rough, reluctant start has led to publication and a small amount of recognition. It has not led to the ever-elusive Steady Income that so many authors dream about. Publishing is all about feast or famine. 

With each new release the royalties roll in, and then the tide of time ebbs out and there remains a fallow season of leanness. Patreon is here as a buffer against the lean times. Patrons can read books early, get sneak peeks of upcoming projects, ask questions, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing process for as little as a dollar a month. 

Art is an essential part of the human existence. We need music, stories, and paintings just as much as we need food, water, and shelter. Art is a way of capturing a moment, expressing a thought, and living a full life. The world without artists would be a sad place indeed.

Everyone can appreciate some form of art. If you enjoy stories, throw a dollar my way. :)

$1 - Eternal Gratitude
 ... and early access to Mondays In Publishing and Writer Craft Wednesday posts.

$2 - Love and Stories ... full access to the book I'm currently posting along with a monthly short story. This level also includes the Lost Pages so you can see what might have been. Throw a dollar my way for the fun shenanigans and good karma. 

$3 - Copy of the final ebook in mobi, epub, and PDF (must back 3 chapters at this level)... whatever book you start pledging during the run of is the book you get unless you specify otherwise. This is also a great level to back the novel at just because you love me. <3

SUPER FUN THING! If you start subscribing to this level now you can go and download the e-copies of the books that have run on Patreon right now! That means you can subscribe to Patreon for $3/month and read THE POLAR TERROR today! 

$5 - Books and Stories Galore!... love short stories and serialized novels? Great! Now you can get them both, with new posts three weeks a month, and the final ebook of any novel run through Patreon. You also get your name in the acknowledgments.  

$10 - Print copy of the final book (signed and shipped internationally) plus all the previous tiers... all my books that are published on Parteon are later edited, fine-tuned, polished, perfected, and published through Inkprint Press

$25 - Quarterly Fan Box ... Wait... What? Is this a new tier? Is something being added to Patreon? What could it possibly be???? 

Oh, you clever person, you found a clue before the official announcement!

I like you.

The first fan box will go out at the end of March. Keep a weather eye on the horizon and see if you can figure out what will be in the box before it arrives. 

$100 - Stan Lee Cameo (hop in-hop out level) ... most people do not have a few hundred to drop on an author every month, but for one chapter? Do that and I'll sit down with you to design an original character that will have a cameo in the current book I'm posting. Become a minor superhero, a spy, a doctor, or just the fun side character running with an ice cream maker.

>>> There Are Two Spaces Open For The Next ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... Book <<<

You pay once a month. No fuss. No muss. No stress. 

Chapters of the newest book will be posted twice a month. I do try to have them up the second and fourth Friday of each month, but sometimes life happens. And sometimes the chapters are particularly fractious and try to bite. These things happen. 

Short stories will be posted on the 3rd Friday each month. The length will range from 500-word flash fiction to longer pieces of up to 5000 words. 

Mondays in Publishing and Writer Craft Wednesday posts will be put up in batches and made public on the same day they post to the blog. 

Thank you for coming this far. Thank you for reading. Thank you for considering this project. Even if you don't back me on Patreon, thank you. If you choose to donate, thank you. If you're here for every book, or just the one series you love, THANK YOU. 

None of what I do would be possible without readers like you. You are the one I think about when I create a new character. You're the one I want to see smile when the hero wins. You make the magic of storytelling possible be being here and reading. THANK YOU. 

The model in the promo art for LADY OF THE LAKE are Tanya Lilith whose work can be found on  <3 

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