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The Liberty Block is dedicated to spreading the ideas of freedom, government accountability, peace, individualism, and self-ownership. We believe that people are meant to live freely as long as they don't hurt others, and we believe that the right to live without tyranny was guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution.

What separates The Liberty Block from the thousands of libertarian podcasts and online publications out there?

1) We always remain consistent in our principles, which include ultimate liberty, accountability, logic, and peace. We invite you to call us out when we slip or lose our integrity!

2) We will NEVER use flash ads that make you worry about your computer or phone getting a virus. We currently advertise for only 2 companies, both of which are small libertarian businesses that we personally believe are amazing companies that truly help people out, and do so at a great value.

3) Unlike most other sites, we prioritize quality over quantity in our podcasts and articles. You'll notice that we have few articles, and that we never write about TMZ-style tabloid propaganda. We also do not generally 'break news', because the initial impression is often very deceptive and far from the actual facts. We prefer to let things play out for longer than 15 minutes.

4) We regularly explain and analyze issues from the 100% principled libertarian/constitutional stance, which is rarely done in media, even in libertarian media.

5) We encourage you all to join the discussion! Message us here or on Facebook or at [email protected] with any thoughts or comments on the shows or articles or topics that you would like us to speak about, or even if you just want to discuss a libertarian issue! We pride ourselves in being extremely open-minded. We won't shout over you. We want to hear what you are thinking!

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