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About Anthony DeMinico

Hello everyone! I'm going to approach this in a simple, FAQ style to bring you up to speed and answer your questions!

"Who Are You?"
My name is Anthony, better known on forums and Twitter as LibrariaNPC or at conventions as The NPC. Among other things, I am a librarian, long-time game master (GM), sometimes playtester, and the Editor-in-Chief of the game review website Sticky Bunton.

"What Are You Making?"
For those of you who are coming here without knowing of my writing: I have been writing weekly blog posts (Wednesdays, 12:00 PM EST) since March 2015, with a primary focus on tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and some branching out with the gaming community and blacksmithing (Cakerist, the Confection Cleaver and my first foray into making a sword). I was writing, on average, four reviews/posts a month, with each review averaging around two-thousand words.

"Why Are You On Patreon?"
While I may be the Editor-In-Chief for Sticky Bunton, it is not a paying gig. If anything, I'm paying to do my own writing, as I pay for the large majority of my materials with only a small number being directly donated.

This Patreon was set up to provide assistance with this, but as the funding never took off, I made it more of a "thank you" for those who wish to chip in to help alleviate the debts associated with these reviews.

"What Will You Spend The Money On?"

Now that the reviews are in their final phase, the money will essentially go toward helping me alleviate the debts accrued during this. I've poured in a great deal of time and money into the reviews, and with recent life changes, it has become unmanageable to maintain.
Anything that comes in will help keep me afloat as I write reviews when time and money permit. With enough traction, this may nudge me to get back to creating more often...or branching out back to old projects.

Thank you, everyone!
Thank you all for your support and your interest in my writing! I hope to not only meet, but exceed the expectations you have of my work!
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