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About The Library of the Commons

The Library of the Commons is a cooperatively run education center, resource hub, and co-working space for systems change in Atlanta, Georgia.

To support economic systems change by providing space for community engagement and the collection, development, and sharing of information resources.

> A culture of integrity and mutuality in which ethics and values are at the forefront of conversations.
> An economic ecosystem of values-aligned producers, consumers and system changers collectively developing resilient communities for self-determination.
> A just transition to this future that bears witness to our nation's history of oppression and exploitation through an equitable distribution of resources and power.


1. Citizen-Consumers United:
An association aimed at galvanizing the tremendous untapped purchasing power of individuals and communities. Through education and community accountability, we hope to change buying habits away from exploitative, extractive, monopolistic industries, and instead nourish ethical alternatives while forming a symbiotic relationship between producers and consumers.
2. The Digital Sovereignty Collective:
A forum for diverse individuals from the tech, arts, wellness, food, civic and social justice spheres to converge and discuss how decentralized, p2p (peer-to-peer) tech can facilitate the emergence of bottom-up economic alternatives, enable sovereignty over our own data, and empower grassroots coordination for exchange and decision-making.

3. Next System Series:
An educational series focused on the transition to a more equitable and sustainable socio-economic system. We will cover the history, theory, and practice of post-capitalist models and discuss ways to support their emergence.

4. Just Transition Series: On historical contexts of white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism and other forms of oppression and how we may atone for this history in the present as we transition to more equitable and sustainable systems.

5. Negotiating Space: A discussion forum and multi-modal education series on gentrification in Atlanta and other US cities. We will cover the systemic roots, individual influence, and emotional impact of this seemingly insurmountable force, and explore practices and models such as land trusts and inclusionary zoning. 

6. Seasonal Convergence:
Every Solstice & Equinox we host an event to give the opportunity for those from all different backgrounds, sectors, and skill sets to present their work to the community. This provides the space to gain insight into the incredible work being done in and around Atlanta, to find collaborators and supporters, and to get feedback on the work we're doing.

The Library is run and sustained by its members, who maintain decision-making power on a variety of areas from budgets, book choices, partner inclusion, data security, and membership dues. Membership dues are on a pay-scale system. Please select an option that is sustainable for you. 

Without our members these initiatives would not be possible. We deeply appreciate any support you can offer and welcome you to the network.

We hold an open house every Fourth Saturday from 12 to 4. All Members and Interested Potential Members are welcome.
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