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Hi. My name is Lieutenant Cloud, I am 18 years of age born on the 02/05/1999.

I love playing games, sports and even sing (by myself, quite shy to sing around people; makes me nervous). I can try sing on my videos since you guys will only hear me sing online instead of in person (you know what I mean?).

I am a male living with my younger sister, Younger brother and my mother. My sister is 15 years old born on the 29/08/2002 and my brother is 6 years old born on the 24/03/2012. My mother was born on the 28/04/1978.

Don't continue reading if you don't like the sad parts......

Now. my father..... he was born on the 10/08/1978 He abandoned us to be with another woman and left us with nothing. i'm not sure what his motive was to do that but I hate him for leaving my little brother and sister with little memories of him. Right now we are on a benefit of $180 a week. We struggle to buy things for about a year now and trying to get back on track. It is hard for me to find a Part-time job, since we were in Australia for about 10 years then; On the 12/12/2016 we flew to New Zealand to stay there for good.

Now, about my sister. She can't move around a lot or lift anything because she has a venous malformation placed in the middle of her back running through her spine. so if she walks for a long period of time or runs, she will get paralysed and she also has a chance of dying from it. It's quite scary when it happens because we are pretty far away from a hospital, and can't do anything but watch.

My goal in life is to try give my family a life of peace and make their dreams become a reality for them. If you can help us change our lives around and support us by donating or watching my videos. We will keep you all in our hearts <3 and I thank you for reading a portion of my life. Thank you.

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My goal in life is to try give my family a life of peace and make their dreams become a reality for them
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