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Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for giving me a chance. It's an immense honor that you would take an interest in supporting my art and for that I am eternally grateful. A little about what I do and what my dreams are. Well, my key goals are to become an animator/illustrator and publish my own manga series and light novel. I've been steadily working towards this dream since around fourth grade and now that I've reached the college level and seen how far I've improved, I feel the need to take it to a whole other level. With your support I believe I can. I draw on a very frequent basis in the Japanese anime style as I'm very fond of it. I also enjoy painting, using chalk pastels and have even tried a hand at digital drawing. As I grow and my support grows, I want to be able to bring you better quality art whether it be better YOUTUBE videos, higher quality images of my illustrations, or even saving up to buy a Wacom tablet so you can see some of the digital skills I have haha. But really, it means so much to me that you have given me a chance and as my thank you, I will continue to create things that we both can enjoy.
$1 of $500 per Drawing, Video
For the first $500 I'd like it to go towards arts supplies in general. Comic and Prismacolor markers, good quality drawing paper and ink, etc. The savings part applies to more long term items such as a better camera for recording my videos as well as a Wacom tablet and desktop computer.
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