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First off, thank you for your support, you ofc get access to all my games, professional and otherwise and you'll have access to updates on when a new game is going to come out before anyone else!



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I like anime, and I like making games, so I've long since decided to make games in an anime like style for the rest of my life. Any game I make that rips on another game or anime is for fun and free to play for all, naturally or I'd be sued ._. Moving along, I will also be developing larger scaled original titles as well, so if you enjoy my titles and wish to stick around for those feel free to support me. And thank you if you do, I promise, I will deliver😊👌. REGARDLESS MY GAMES ARE FREE AT: https://charles197.itch.io/ these will always be free to play.
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Omg, ten people actually interested in my work is amazing, At this point I'd start releasing dev tutorials and much more to come.;)
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