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About Life of Kimberley

Heya everyone, welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Kimberley. With a whole bunch of 'less great' experiences in my backpack, I have recently decided to go on an adventure to check things off my bucketlist, to explore the world and while doing this, hopefully find the old and happy me back.

As I love to inspire and help other people, I have decided to not go on this journey alone: I am taking you all with me! Everywhere I go, or every bucketlist item I am checking off, I take my camera with me and vlog my entire story, from leaving the doorstep at home, until falling back on my bed afterwards. There is no better way to share my adventures, then in full HD on YouTube.
When planning everything out I realised that I missed something.. Where was I going to show my bucketlist? This is when my blog saw the light: the place where the real 'bucketlist'-list lives. Every checked item is linked to a blog post about the adventure: how did I plan it, who helped me with it, how did it all go. Basically the 'behind the vlog'-blog you could say. And if that wasn't enough 'behind the scenes' content, the blog is also the place where I share my travel/adventure tips & tricks. Why keep them to myself, if I can help others with it?
The goal of this project is to inspire people with my stories, and help them with their journeys by sharing my experiences and tips & tricks. Eventually it would be amazing to be able to help other people with their bucketlists. That would be the ultimate goal! I think everyone deserves a chance to experience their biggest dreams, and there's nothing more valuable than seeing an unforgettable smile on someones face! Why is finishing off your bucketlist not a goal? I see my bucketlist as a journey, not as a destination. And while on that journey I'm pretty sure I'll come across new things to add to the list. So hopefully my bucketlist will never be 'finished' until I'm old and not as mobile anymore and I can say, with a genuine smile on my face: I've lived my life.

But why Patreon?
Of course there are no 'musts' anywhere, and as well my vlogs as blog posts will always be free to view. But here is the real deal story: I have started this project from literally zero. No savings, no fundraising or anything like that. The way I started this project was through my contacts. I looked at the list and picked some of the 'easier' goals and contacted certain people to ask if they could help me. So far this has worked great, and I am beyond appreciative towards the people who have helped me with the first adventures, even before I had everything set up! You guys are amazing!
Unfortunately not everything will be achieveable through contacts, and without further support I will probably hit a wall between running out of contacts that can help me and not having the funds to move on with my project. That is where Patreon comes in. I don't need golden jewelry and fancy cars, but Patreon pledges can make it possible to keep doing what I love doing most, and to keep the YouTube and blog content going. The more support, the more adventures! To show my appreciation for the support, I have some awesome digital and physical (depending on pledge amount) extra's for Partons.

Currently saving up for:
  • At least one bucketlist adventure every month
  • Drivers licence (the freedom of going ANYWHERE without having the public transport struggles)
  • Cover website costs
  • Polaroid camera
  • Rollerskates (Why take the bus somewhere if you can take the wheels? I ❤ skating!)

Future goals:
  • At least one bucketlist adventure every WEEK
  • GoPro
  • DSLR
  • Drone
  • Van transformation/Mobile home (->Europe Roadtrip)
  • Help someone with one of their bucketlist items

If you don't have the money to spare but still want to support, don't worry! Sharing and liking the content means a lot as well!

Thanks for reading this, being part of the community and considering to support.

Much love ❤,

$0 of $500 per month
Reaching this goal will cover the website costs, and will make it possible to check at least one thing a month off the bucketlist. Besides that I will finally be able to save up for a drivers license (on my 23rd^^) and a polaroid camera for real polaroid pictures for the $25+ tiers.
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