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As a casual gamer trying to keep ends met, while doing what I enjoy, I greatly thank you all for keeping things interesting and fun!

I'm not saying my computer IT job in NW Oklahoma (aka middle of no where, where computer support is looked for a lot due to long travel to cities), isn't enjoyable, I love it, and I work about 40-44 hours a week. Great pay? Well, between my wife (also works at a large chain retail, yea, more than likely the one you guessed) and I, bills and food is covered, with some to spare.

My Father used to tell me to make a living doing what I enjoy. I do that, but a living in this day in age takes more just to have some enjoyment outside of that along. I love to tinker and work on computers, and play games. However, I can't explore computers outside of work a whole lot, due to said financial limitation, limited living space, and nearby hands on access. There isn't a staples, radioshack, tech events, etc around where I live without driving a few hours. So here is my other enjoyment, gaming and tech discussions. My semi-aging computer is good enough for streaming most of my current games of interest. The computer has recently had a major upgrade, thanks to everyone's 2018 contributions last year and tax returns!

I'm a various gamer. I don't usually stay to one game. One moment to a week long it could be a space shooter, the next a zombie survival, to futuristic territory war battle field (Planetside 2 btw, not the EA/COD games). If I'm playing something you're not enjoying currently, come back later, I'll switch up sometimes once a day, or the next day. I'm not into fast paced chaos like COD or Battlefield. I am a fan of Halo, though I prefer Halo 3 and back, some days Halo Reach.

Streams are announced on Twitter and Discord, so be sure to follow or join on either to keep up to date!
General schedule, unless displayed otherwise, and may run sooner or later than listed below:
Mon & Wed: 8pm-11pm
Saturday: 5pm-11pm
Sunday: 3pm-11pm
Times are in CST/CDT.
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I'll do once a month 24hour live stream with community players on choice games. Either that be Planetside 2, Survival games (Minecraft, 7 days to die, ARK(?), something else), PUBG, or other Multiplayer games that come out. If the player cap is too limited, everyone will have to shuffle/take turns. Donations made during this event will go to charity. Which one hasn't been decided at this time, but will be local. With a good reputation of actually putting the money to good use.
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