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Thank you so much for your extra support!

  • Downloadable gifs and backgrounds from animations
  • Patreon title on my Discord server
  • See the Animatics from posted animations
  • Your name in my Next video credits as a thank you <3
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About Lightsen

Hi there! 

I'm Lightsen, And I've been making Animations on youtube for over 12 years, and I hope to continue making parodies and original cartoons for as long as I can!


I made this Patreon as an option for those that would like to support my work a little more than viewing, sharing, and commenting.

As always, I will be continuing to make animations with or without Patreon.

For those that do wish to become Patrons, as a thank you, I'll be sharing a few extras:

So far:
- Animatics 
      Animated Sketches and early drafts of the final animations on the channel.

- Full exported Backgrounds
Scenes and backgrounds for download as possible wallpapers

- Animated Gifs
short animated gifs from WIP or finished animations, I will also take suggestions of making gifs out of bits from videos you would like
(including text and other effects if you want!)
- Discord role as Patreon
Gives access to posting your on emotes for use in the server (emotes are limited)
(More to come)

Thank you very much for having a look at my stuff! :)
$50 – reached! per month
This would cover a lot of my costs from animation specifically, Program monthly subscriptions, internet access and cloud storage, as an example!

Thank you all for your support! and feel free to ask me for any animation advice. ^o^
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