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Every little bit helps, and I thank you for this little bit to me. I will send you a personalised E-mail to thank you in private. 

Thanks for the support!

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Your support means a lot to me, and I cannot thank you enough for supporting what I do. It helps me a lot.

I will send you a personalised E-mail in private to thank you. I will also disclose to you my Discord Account, where you can ask me anything about my experience with creative writing. Of course, a friendly chat is also more than welcome, and I'd love to get to know you! Thanks for the support!

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For the most faithful (and generous) of supporters, there is this tier. From the very bottom of my heart: Thank you! This great of an amount of money spent only to support me in what I love means a whole lot, and I cannot tell you with words how grateful I am. That doesn't mean I won't try to do so, though. 

I will send you a personalised E-mail in private to thank you for your generous support. In there, I will also disclose my Discord Account, so that we may contact each other. You can ask me anything about writing, or just have a friendly chat with one another. I'd be glad to get to know such a generous person!

Additionally, you may request me to write a single oneshot story of your liking (max. 5k words). Please note that writing a story, even a short one, is difficult and time intensive, so I would kindly ask of you to request something I can truly work with.

Once again, my biggest thanks to you!




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Hey there!
I'm Nico, also known as 'Lil Penpusher'. You probably know me from Fimfiction, where I upload all kinds of My Little Pony Fanfiction, or from the Equestria at War Community. I'm part of the Equestria at War development team, contributing to the mod by writing a big chunk of the localisation. I'm a young adult aged 18, and less than a year away from graduating school and entering University, where I will most likely be studying political sciences.

A Writer? How come?

I first started writing back in 2016, after which I continuously published new stories on Fimfiction. I struggled with finding something that I truly enjoyed doing as a hobby, and I tried out all sorts of things such as coding and drawing. Writing eventually stuck with me, and I continued to write stories and other creative works. In essence, writing, to me, is a chance to create and tell a unique and alive story, whether it be sad and touching or action-filled and thrilling. Each story and each paragraph is unique.

Why do you want support?

When I first began to write stories, I did it purely as a hobby, with no thoughts of ever making money with it. While I do still write purely out of passion and as a hobby nowadays, I'm getting into that stage of life where a young person such as myself needs some sort of income in order to pay bills. This is why I would like to turn to those who appreciate what I do as a hobby. With your support, I could earn a few bucks extra, just by doing something I already love to do: writing.

What's in it for me?

To be blatantly honest with you: not much. Writing stories is time intensive (depending on the length of a story, naturally) and requires a lot of focus and passion in order to produce something worthwhile. This makes it hard for me to offer anyone a real "reward" for supporting me, like writing a story for them. And while I will still be considering this as a reward for the biggest of my supporters, it's not something I can offer to the vast majority of people, sadly. I still appreciate any and all support you would give me, very much so, and I'd like to thank you in advance if you are considering to support me. So, thank you!
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