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About Stephanie Getchell

Hello one and all!
My name is Stephanie Getchell, but some people on the magical world of the internet call me Lilac! After becoming inspired by other anime reviewers many moons ago, specifically those from the former D2 Brigade, I started my own anime review blog back in 2010 called Lilac Anime Reviews. From there, it was all about writing reviews on different anime and tackling all sorts of subjects along the way in as informational, and nonspoilery, of a way as possible. Since then, the content on the blog has grown tremendously and there's much more content and projects that I can't even keep track of half the time!

What are those projects exactly?
Anime Reviews
Very simple. I make anime reviews as the main content for my blog/channel. As of now, I haven't been working on any, but am working on a massive review week where viewers pick the series I'll be reviewing and I release five new videos reviews during one week. This is set for summer 2016.

Top 10s
Simply titled Lilac 10, once a month I create different lists related to anime. One month, you may see me talk about something popular like anime couples and the next you'll see me talk about something obscure like fictional/historical figures becoming anime badasses! Both of which I already covered!

Titled Life and Times of an Otaku, the vlogs are basically fun videos about anything and everything! From hauls to Q&As; and even random little trips I make every now and again!

Dub Talk Podcast
This one is the newest content on my blog/channel and it's the fastest growing one I've seen yet! Basically, myself and my friends SpacemanHardy and Megan from Anime America Podcast, as well as various guests, talk about our thoughts on recently announced english dub castings or review english dubs that were recently released on DVD. Nine times out of ten, it tends to turn into the weirdest and most fun conversations with my friends, but I love them regardless!

I also have a few other projects that have been produced previously. Largely, my seasonal Impressions series where I tackle a bunch of new anime series each season. Due to time constraints, and slight redundancy, that series was placed on hiatus. I'm also a contributor for the blog Infinite Rainy Day as an anime reviewer as well as cover seasonal anime over there! See why it's a little redundant? I also do other occasional collabs such as commentate for videos from Top Anime Info and more!

What exactly am I doing here?
As we all know, making things for a wide audience is both taxing in time and in funds. As I am venturing into the wonderful adult world, I can only do so much in my free time within my current budget. I honestly don't like asking people for money, and you don't have to, but if you like what I do and want to show your support than you're more than welcome to give me a hand! I promise, no taking advantage! Everything will go straight to the blog and projects in an effort to help improve the quality or my work just for you guys! It's all about you, and nothing else! You're what keep me going, and I want to keep it that way!

Wow! If you've made it this far, then thanks for reading my little ramblings!
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I've been looking to provide audio versions of the Dub Talk podcast for you guys! Now I can via SoundCloud! YAY!
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