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Hello! I'm GamePlayer.
You may also know me as LillyLuck from Twitch or Elyse if you live in the realm of human.
I make videos and I broadcast weekly streams. 
I hope to provide a unique perspective and a fun environment for my viewers!

If you're considering backing me,
Thank you.
With money I'll be able to upgrade my streaming and video making set-ups. Like getting a green screen or internet speeds that can handle streaming from my capture card. 

Blessings to you. 
$1 of $375 per month
I made a list of things I'll need to increase the quality of content here's some of the most pressing items. 

1- Better internet which would be around $100. I pay like 50$ for 4mb download at the moment. (Yay American internet monopolies!)
2- Editing software ~$120 or if I find a good torrent one of these days $0
3- Green Screen $25 for something in the background of my videos
4- Basic clip on mic $25
5- TB harddrive $75 for storing all of the hours of game footage
6-  A full bag of chips my sister won't come to my apartment and steal $5

More to come but these are my first goals.
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