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You will get sent a personalized 'thank you,' video for supporting, also full granted access to all of my writings and poems that will or could turn into songs and only video inspiration on stories I've written. Poems excluded on this tier because most likely they could get turned into songs... (Read Access to Original Content for more info either below or next to this tier) 
Access to Original Content
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More than reading my work, you get to listen to me sing my poems turned into songs, so from here you will get an inspirational video of why I wrote and recorded my songs, basically a pre-recorded Q&A on individual songs. From each progress of my music besides just listening on my youtube or IG of cover songs. You will get to hear my original music/content I have been working on for the past years or even the ones I am currently recently thinking of/ideas & creative writing I am doing for a song plus an exclusive that you won't want to miss either! 

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You get full granted access to more than original content... The supporter that you are, youwill get a follow back from Instagram or any other social I may be on! We will also go live or do a Q&A, which I will let you know which. But you even get access to BTS (not the band, I don't got money like that yet) on music videos. Discounts on merch, the first book I may release in the future, the first for anything involved with me. Even if I'm either if it's who I could collab with on youtube or on the big screen. This is all you! No gimmicks! I promise! I pinky promise, (now that you and neither can I break) as for now, even all of that sounds too promising, fine! I get it! I am not there yet but you get to send in requests for a song, even if it is for you or for a loved one I will do that, plus a personal thank you message for supporting me & once you unlock this tier, a personalized poem based from your name. All of this because I love you! 




Welcome Patrons/Familia! 

I want to start off with a thank you in advance! 

Most likely you've found me from other socials or from youtube either being a subscriber or from just looking me up, hi! Usually you can see me singing either mini or full length cover songs from other artists you may or may not know from my youtube channel or listening to my head explode from my podcast. You most likely know me from singing, as a writer, or as a podcaster, etc. 

I want to bring to light that you don't give up on your dreams and you get to gain both the confidence and control that you want to do with your life. Now that you read that, exclusively you are going to see, listen/read original content that no one out there won't be able to take away from me. To be real, my fear is someone stealing my work that I worked really hard from and people like to steal content. If you come from my socials and have seen a snip of writings or a little bit of songs I've written or sung a bit, they are going to be posted a lot more on here. 

I love you no matter if you contribute or not, you supporting me is either a like, a subscribe, or a donation away. 

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