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About Lilly Andrade

Lilly Andrade, also known as, Lilly Rosa is a Hispanic-American entertainer, creator, story-teller, singer & song-writer mostly known as a Youtuber as "Lilly Rosa." Making her way to becoming the most influencer in her life by taking pride of her roots. Making music to feed the soul from growing up from listening to R&B, HipHop/Rap, and pop music that influences her Latin roots from growing up in a Honduran/El Salvadoran household. To make you think about life and allowing herself to the world to learn and grow with her from her weight loss journey, as well. Through her talks, music and from her personal writings she has the most beautiful and astounding personality and mindset that you wish to befriend her. In other words, welcome to my page, Patrons! 
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When I reach $500 per month, I will want to set up a studio to produce and record my first album 
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