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About LilyMatilda

WE BELIEVE THAT INVESTING IN THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF ARTISTS CAN TANGIBLY IMPROVE THE WORLD. is a collaborative art collective aimed at providing exposure and income to artists with limited professional experience. We aspire to work with artists to hone their skills and pair them with like-minded peers to further their careers. As beautiful as the struggling artist is, we would much prefer to see a successful one.

The purpose of our platform is to provide exposure and paying work for artists who have lost the battle against the complicated world of elitism art. By the end of 2020 we hope to be fully integrated and an established authority on promoting independent artists. This means a collaborative effort of teaching artists how to be successful with their businesses, learning how to establish ourselves in order to take calculated risk on our work, and developing and honing our skills as artists. We will learn, we will teach, we will grow, and we will succeed. Together.

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