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About #Lilybuslife

Hi there ! We’re Max & Natasha, 
Were two humans who own 2 dogs, living in a school bus conversion named Lily! 
We met in December of 2017 and in April of 2018 we purchased and started our school bus conversion that would become #lilybuslife! 

Fast forward to summer and #lilybuslife has become so much more than just a bus, it is our vessel to a simpler life, it’s the outcome of both of our creative minds, and our segway into creating a life we truly value. 

Were here to share our journey, and working to create a community of like minded folks living alternatively. 

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Our main goal is to create an accessable community for others seeking an alternative lifestyle! We understand the struggle of starting on a path less travelled and we’re here to offer our insights + experiences regarding bus life and minimalism! We strongly encourage those of you following us to interact in the comments section, we love feedback and answering questions!
We hope our posts are interesting and attract and cultivate a cummunity fueled by a passion for alternative lifestyles. With each post we aim to share helpful information, and resources for you on your journey. If we were able to help, inspire, motivate or ignite a passion in you for bus life we’d really appreciate your support in return!
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