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About Linda Bedwall

on may 2017 I started my own company as an illustrator and artist.
I'm working as an illustrator to a new game company ChaoticAlignment where I do characters, weapon designs and environment.
This year I also illustrated a children's book and I constantly try to search for other missions to fill my days.

But even with hard work I couldn't make enough to pay my bills and taxes, still I want to tell my own stories as well.

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This is for the comic I would so want to work with. I need help with economy and so I am asking for you to support me so that I can keep working on this.

Right now I don't have allot of economy and my savings are getting drained.
I really want to do this comic, so I am asking for you to help me out.

$0 of $85 per creation
For 85:- USD I can come up with att-least one chapter to the comic book. I can put some work to the side and still afford to put food on the table and keep my company alive for a little longer.
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