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Hello! I'm Linkyu!

I'm a self-taught artist since 2009, who's been practicing on-and-off, and has recently started to become more serious about it.
There isn't really much more to it; I currently work as a game dev, and in my free time I make art. I do have some art projects in store, but all in all I'm a simple person who likes to draw everything. I draw humans, landscapes, animals, robots, monsters, mechas, etc., in sketches, paintings, pixel arts, animations, cell-shaded lines, etc.

It does make it harder on myself for promoting a certain style when I like to adapt a lot, but ultimately that's exactly what I want to put forwards: all the things I can do!

What do you get for pledging?

Mostly, it's discounts on my regular commission prices. I don't plan on making patreon-exclusive content, unless the occasional WIP, maybe.

Also, for supporting my work, you get my eternal gratitude! Some say it's probably got an exotic value in some distant world, so take that as you will.

Where's the art gonna be?

Aside from the WIPs, I promise to keep my work public. Although patrons can get an early view, all my drawings are available on my twitter , my tumblr , and, to a slightly lesser extent, my dA .

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This amount would allow me to cover my monthly subscriptions; for having such a direct impact on my everyday life, I'll put weekly theme polls in place; each week, some of the works will be done in accordance to the theme chosen. Rexes and higher can submit their own themes to the polls as well!
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