is creating A Platform Connecting Asset Collectors




⚡️🦁Unity & Collective Brainstorming 🧠⚡️

Building a community of Asset Collectors with a purpose bigger than self interest . Connecting Physical & Digital Asset Collectors Globally through One source to promote Collective Growth !🤯🗽 

          (L)eaders (I)nfluencing (O)pportunities (N)ow 

                                LION’S DEN
                             (  In a Nut Shell  )
The vision of LION:90 is to create a platform For asset collectors to connect with one another through mutual interests . The ecosystem can be used for gaining knowledge through forums , videos , podcasts  or networking for future Deals . We’re Connecting physical and digital asset on one platform.

Everyone is Welcomed to be apart of the lion’s den ecosystem, whether or not you own assets is irrelevant you’re still a very important component to the community. If you choose to use LION’S DEN for Networking or Educational purposes it’s completely your choice .

- Not your conventional assets ( Whatever you value , mutual interest for both seller & buyer connections  ) .
- Connect with other asset owners and trade digital assets for physical assets or vice versa .
- Gain knowledge of multiple markets through the community forums & Educational outlets  .
- Connect through group chats .
- Network through meet up creations .
- Host Webinars
- Community of Highly motivated team orientated individuals striving for a thriving longevity ecosystem .
- If your assets are sneakers , Silver or anything in between, you will be able to connect with like minded or mutual interest individuals .
-Early innovators describe platform to be a mixture of BiggerPockets & OfferUp on a blockchain.

It’s a community built by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE !
Through collective brainstorming we can build anything we can imagine !
                           Let’s Grow Together... 
Connecting through Mutual Interest & CollectiveBrainstorming 

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