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About Liru the Lance Corporal

NOTE: This all needs to be updated, this reflected a Liru who was bold and just starting up ready to tackle the world. Nowadays i'm a lot more mellow, diversified in content, and busy, busy, busy.

You should back me on Patreon because i'm the best Zeus game master for Arma 3 out there.
It's a pretty bold claim to make, but I think I can officially say that now confidently. I've seen other zeus players in different communities, though there seems to be a very large lack of understanding on what a Zeus is supposed to do. Sure, people come to play zeus players' missions, but at the end of the day, EACH AND EVERY OP IS FOR THE PLAYERBASE. That's the #1 issue I see with other Zeus game masters. As a zeus, you need to hold the playerbase's hand and understand what they're after in an experience. That's why I zeus so many different styles of missions and ops: each player is looking for something different. A good zeus can make ops and experiences for players, but a great zeus can and will actively work with their playerbase to deliver consistent yet varied ops for a variety of different players on a consistent basis. That's exactly what I do, and that's exactly why i'm the best. Sure, you can go find a different zeus to back and follow them, but tell me this. How often do they get zeus content up on youtube? I try to get 2 videos up minimum a day at the VERY LEAST. How often do they stream? I stream EVERY DAY.

Any zeus can make an ammo cache operation to destroy, or an AO to capture and hold, but tell me, have you ever watched or played an op quite like a Liru op?

Do you wanna see the halo universe in Arma 3?
What about Vietnam style ops?
How about Iron Front for Germany?
Or maybe the USSR on Winter Cherno?
Maybe you want to fight ghosts?
Or even zombies?
Maybe you wanna do a solo spec op?
Or a spec op with your peers!
Or maybe you're a brony that likes killing Storm Troopers:
What about offshore platforms?
Maybe fight on Trump's Wall?
Or a GIANT pirate ship?
Or fight Zeppelin vs Zeppelin?
Maybe someone that can host for someone like Jester814 and be asked back every Wednesday?

If any of these ideas catch your eye, then you've found the right zeus!

I'll always be adding to this list as I zeus more and more, but there's only so much space I have! My point is that i can do pretty much anything you ask me, for the zeus interface has limitless long as we don't crash the server of course!

As a player or a fan, you can always send me suggestions at [email protected]
After all, i'd say 75% of my operations I host these days are from both players and fans alike who send me cool and crazy ideas!

But, if you decide to back me financially, you'll get access to some kick ass rewards, anywhere from my personal thanks in you helping to pay for our Arma 3 servers to me guaranteeing running your mission ideas to even co zeusing with myself! On top of this, the more money that is pledge, the more fun stuff we do via the goals!

If you've read up to this far, then i already thank you for taking your valuable time, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,
$1,548 of $3,000 per month
So I can pay the damn rent (Damn you Northern Virginia and your high property costs!)
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